Guerilla shares impressive-looking new story trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West

Guerilla Games has released a brand new story trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West, which is nothing short of jaw-dropping. To say that it’s one of the best-looking videos we’ve seen to date would almost be selling it short.

It all begins with Aloy worrying about her people, who are suffering and close to starvation. This kick-starts her quest into an arcane frontier known as the Forbidden West, in search of something that will help her kin. Along the way, she’ll meet malfunctioning robots, people with questionable motives and environmental barriers, many of which are seen within this three minute-long trailer. This includes underwater beings and the ability to swim, which looks both impressive and immersive.

You can check it all out below:

Horizon: Forbidden West — the sequel to Sony and Guerilla Games’ 2017 epic — will release on February 18th. Stay tuned for our review.