New Fallout 76 update brings extraterrestrials to the game

Earlier today, Fallout 76 received its new ‘Fallout Worlds’ update, which introduced extraterrestrial beings and more to the post-apocalyptic online RPG.

Read on for more information:

Every hour on the hour, an Alien Mothership will appear above one of several high-profile Appalachian locations to deploy three Brainwave Siphons in the area, which then gather brainwaves from nearby lifeforms in the Brainwave Extraction process. To trigger the event, travel to the Mothership’s location and examine Siphon Kappa.

When the event begins, players must destroy all three Brainwave Siphons before the aliens can complete the extractions. Each Siphon is protected by a force field, which is controlled by a different Alien Commander. Defeat alien forces to draw out the Commander for each Siphon. By beating the Commander, the force field will drop and will present the opportunity to destroy the Siphon. Demolishing all three Brainwave Siphons in time provides some loot, XP, and a chance to earn plans to craft new alien weaponry and C.A.M.P. objects.

While this seasonal event is live, you may encounter extraterrestrial interlopers at select Public Events, including Campfire Tales, Free Range, and Line in the Sand. You may also spot our curious visitors in new Random Encounters added in the update.

The Fallout Worlds update also adds or tweaks the following things:

In response to community feedback, players can now earn S.C.O.R.E. from non-repeatable Daily and Weekly Challenges while playing in Public and Custom Worlds. Custom Worlds also introduces a variety of new settings for Fallout 1st members:

    • Carry Weight: Adjust the Carry Weight setting to choose a specific maximum amount that a player can carry or use the Carry Weight Multiplier setting to adjust max weight.
    • Frequent Confetti: The Dismemberment setting causes defeated enemies to explode into a cloud of confetti.
    • Perk Effects: Choose whether players can benefit from Normal Perk effects, Legendary Perk effects, both, or neither with this setting.
    • VATS: Turn off VATS targeting versus other players or even disable VATS entirely.
    • Relaxed Building Restrictions: Adjust the “Toggle Snapping” option in build mode to place C.A.M.P. objects even if they intersect.
    • Weather: Utilizing the Weather Setting brings the darkened skies from the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event.