RPG beat ’em-up, Young Souls, has equipped a March 10th release date

On March 10th, a goblin army will breach consoles and PC, and it will be up to twin teen misfits to save the day. Such is the premise of Young Souls, which will beat its way onto PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on that day.

Young Souls’ engrossing narrative follows the twins as they search for their guardian, a professor who mysteriously vanished just before the twins discovered an inexplicable portal within his estate. The duo now spend their days roaming their quaint town, gaining advantages through gym sessions and buying fresh outfits ahead of their all-night fights to clear dungeons brimming with foes. With the fate of their most cherished companion as well as the greater world in their hands, Jenn and Tristan must brave immeasurable dangers and endure the defining battles of their lives.

Today’s release date confirmation is accompanied by a new overview trailer, which twins Jenn and Tristan as they delve into another world for tense, dungeon clearing battles. Watch as the game combines intense beat ’em-up action, with deep storytelling and involved RPG systems.