Xbox details their renewed sustainability efforts

In a post on Xbox Wire, Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President, Xbox Operations, outlines Xbox’s goal for sustainability in the next decade.

By 2030, the Xbox division of Microsoft plans to be carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste. While zero waste and carbon negative are commonly heard terms, water positive is less common, and generally refers to replenishing more water than is used by any part of the organization.

Within the same target timeframe, the organization will be designing all Xbox products and accessories, including all Microsoft’s packaging, to be 100% recyclable in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. The company has also revisited the material composition of their products by incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resins in Xbox controllers and Xbox Series S consoles.

A recent console OS update also made it possible to perform system and game updates in Energy Saver mode, which consumes 20 times less power than Standby mode.

Microsoft released its 2021 Environmental Sustainability report which covers areas from carbon, water, and waste, to devices and ecosystems, as well as campuses and ecosystems.

Xbox is mentioned in each section of the report, and has a huge role to play in the company’s overall sustainability efforts.