Bethesda has delayed Starfield & Redfall

Two of this year’s most anticipated games won’t end up releasing in 2022, as expected. Instead, they will both launch in the first fiscal quarter of 2023.

Those titles are Starfield and Redfall.

A couple of hours ago, Bethesda posted a brief letter to the community regarding its decision to delay the debuts of both new IPs. In it, the company explained that it wanted to give the teams at Arkane Austin and Bethesda Game Studios more time to craft the games that they dream of creating. That is, the best and most polished versions of each title.

This news will certainly disappoint many, who’d been counting the days until Starfield and Redfall were to release this holiday season. However, delays like this are almost always for the best. After all, who wants to play a rushed, buggy and unfinished game?