505 Games announces first ever online showcase

E3 may not be a thing this year, but that isn’t stopping companies like Microsoft, Bethesda and now 505 Games from planning online showcases of what’s to come.

Through press release means, 505 Games has announced its intentions to hold a digital showcase tomorrow evening. It’s set to occur at 9am EST, and will be hosted by MTV presenter, Patrice Bouedibela.

“As 505 continues to grow, it is important we keep shouting about the amazing developers we’re proud to work with, and the brilliant games they make,” said Neil Ralley, President of 505 Games, “with our first ever showcase, we’re thrilled to present just a handful of the new games we have in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond. We’d be honoured for people to tune in and see what we have in store for them.”

You can watch it here.