Morty Smith (from Rick & Morty) joins the MultiVersus roster

A new challenger has entered the MultiVersus arena, with that being Morty Smith of Rick & Morty fame. He’s playable as of today, and has received his own colourful gameplay trailer, too.

Morty, the teenage grandson of a mega-genius scientist Rick Sanchez, arrives as part of MultiVersus Season 1 and is a Bruiser class character with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Morty’s moveset, which is on display in a newly revealed gameplay trailer, features a mix of skills and attacks, from his muscle-enhanced left arm “Armothy” and “Plumbus” all-purpose alien device, to his ability to whip himself at opponents and use of various projectiles. The trailer also shows off the President Morty character variant, which is available now as an in-game purchase.

MultiVersus has surpassed 20 million players.