The best movies of 2022 … so far

There are plenty of new movies released every year. Some of them are set to be big critical and commercial successes, while others won’t be so lucky. 

The movie business is a fickle one, and it can be difficult to predict which films will stand the test of time and which ones won’t be remembered beyond their release date. If you’re looking for new releases in 2022, this post has everything you need to know about them.


Adam Sandler plays talent scout Stanley Sugerman in the movie. He was on duty in Spain when he saw a talented player. Cruz is unquestionably an NBA great, which is good news for Sugerman, who has struggled to identify players that are suitable for the league. 

The two men go to the USA, where Sugerman makes some amusing efforts to woo this up-and-coming star. Sadly, things don’t work out the way we had hoped. He steps out of line on the court as a result of being ridiculed by another player.

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Turning Red

Mei, the teenage girl in the movie, has just begun to get her period. The movie follows her as she grows increasingly interested in what is happening to her body. After learning about periods from a classmate and the internet, she quickly understands that she shouldn’t be embarrassed by them.

This section discusses the Pixar Animation Studios animated movie Turning Red, which was released in 2022. The movie presents the topic of periods in a way that kids may learn from and comprehend. In addition, Mei’s sexual curiosity is explored, which is something many girls can identify with when they begin their periods.

The Batman

Batman is an American superhero film, based on the DC Comics character. The film was released in 2022 and directed by Matt Reeves.

The film Batman is wonderful. This film offers a new perspective on Batman. You can sense Batman’s deep agony and the evil that lies inside him thanks to Robert Pattinson’s superb portrayal as the caped crusader. Each character’s personality is a genuine portrayal of who they are. 

The story was carefully orchestrated, developed, and written. The Riddler is a tragic, sensitive, insightful, cunning, and all-around fearsome villain. The action is forcefully directed, wonderfully shot, and expertly choreographed. This Batman movie has by far the best aesthetics. 

Fire of Love

A new sci-fi romance movie was released in January 2022. Katia and Maurice Krafft, two passionate researchers and companions, perished in a volcanic eruption while engaged in the activity that first drew them together: solving the secrets of volcanoes by gathering the most spectacular footage ever captured.

The film covers their earlier works while also providing an educational and lighthearted account of their personal histories. Miranda July presented the narrative, and she did it in a way that had a bit of an ASMR quality to it.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Love is the theme of the film The Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy. It shows three brief love stories that have been pieced together and rather randomly displayed as a single unit. 

Each of these segments features excellent acting, a three-act format that is largely traditional and focuses on appealing female characters in intriguing situations. Each episode has a caption that calls for reflection once the action has concluded.


Rajamouli, the most creative person in the Indian film industry, directed the movie RRR, an Indian production. The movie is a fictional account of two renowned rebels, and each actor brilliantly captures their essence.

Ramaraju and Bheem are at the center of the narrative. Ramaraju (Ram Charan), is a young, irate police officer who is both admired and feared by the British.


Prey is a new sci-fi movie released in 2022. The narrative of Prey centers on Naru, a young Native woman who has been learning how to cure others for her community. She supports her brother Taabe in his desire to become a hunter like him, much to the amusement of Taabe’s peers.

Even if the guys make fun of Naru and insist that only males should hunt, we can see that she is strong enough to defend herself. She is tough and vigilant as the others. The first to discover a brand-new species in their region is Naru. Maybe it’s connected to the burning fire streak she had seen in the sky.

The best approach to finding new movies is to read reviews of them. It’s the best way to choose which movies are worth seeing and a fantastic way to expand your movie-watching tastes. In light of this, a tonne of fantastic new films are released in 2022. Choose any of the films above and have a good time.