NHL 23: Take a deep dive into its modes and the game’s soundtrack

Ahead of its October 14th launch date, EA Canada has released three different updates pertaining to NHL 23.

The first of these is a deep dive into the game’s Hockey Ultimate Team mode, which will allow mixed (men and women) teams, feature win-based rewards in its rivals challenges and support crossplay next month.

The second is another video, which takes a deep dive into the game’s other modes.

  • The most significant update to franchise mode in NHL 23 is the addition of Custom Leagues, truly making players the commissioner of their league by being able to control the number of teams in a division or conference, dynamic schedules and playoff customization.
  • Online Versus welcomes the addition of saved lineups and strategies, allowing for a smoother in-game experience where players don’t have to spend as much time navigating menus.
  • Similar to HUT, World of Chel is implementing cross-platform matchmaking in November, ensuring players spend less time finding a match and more time on the ice with their friends.

Lastly, they’ve also revealed NHL 23’s soundtrack, which includes Ghost and koRn, alongside Muse, Motionless in White and Shinedown. Here’s a link to it.