Level Up in 2023: The Hottest Game Releases of the Year

2023 promises to be yet another stellar year for video games, and here we take a brief look at some of the hottest game releases of the year.

The much-anticipated year will see more than 100 video game releases for various devices like Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC. As new titles are announced for both legacy and new titles, we are sure you will find a game to pique yourinterest. And while waiting for the releases, you could always put the controller down and look up texas holdem rules at IgnitionCasino.eu on your desktop device – trying your luck at some online poker will surely stimulate your strategic mind needed for gaming.

Hogwarts Legacy (still to come on last gen)

The reception to Hogwarts Legacy so far has been largely positive, with fans of the Harry Potter series eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore more of the magical world that JK Rowling created than ever before.

In fact, the freedom that players have to explore, and the customizable options, have helped push the game to an audience who may not even be hugely familiar with the Harry Potter books and films, particularly those of a younger age.

Players are able to make their characters more relatable to them, and freeing the game from the strict narrative of the movies has been a real success in that sense.

Already doing the rounds on the latest generation of consoles, Hogwarts Legacy is expected to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One in the Spring, barring no more delays, while the Switch version will follow-up a bit after that. While the graphics will, of course, have to be reigned in a little bit for the older consoles, players still clinging onto the previous generation of games console will not be disappointed as those principles of freedom and exploration are expected to be fully felt.

EA Sports PGA Tour 2023

It will be a really interesting year for the sports video game giants EA Sports. Having released their last edition of FIFA, the widely popular football simulation game that football’s governing body have now taken to be developed elsewhere, EA Sports will be looking to put even more of their production value into games for other sports.

One low-key series that is popular with gamers, even those who have never stepped foot on a golf course, is their PGA Tour series. EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 will be arriving on all consoles, like a well-hit tee shot onto the green, in April of 2023. Long-running fans of the series will remember some iconic moments that transcend the game of golf, such as the Outkast-soundtracked game that marked the PlayStation 2 era and the years when Tiger Vision was the super-power we all had to sink our putts.

The graphics look stunning on this game, with iconic courses feeling very real as you follow your ball around the world tour. Each course has its own set of unique physics that will dictate how balls bounce and roll. Also, EA wants to bring the philosophy and feel of the sport into the game, and so their new tool Pure Strike, is here to make hitting the ball cleanly feel more satisfying than ever before.

Street Fighter 6

We all know Street Fighter as one of the most iconic fighting game franchises in the history of gaming. Since its first release in 1987, the series has captivated gamers with its fast-paced action, colorful, iconic characters with moves we wish we could do, and, when it comes to higher echelons of the game, Street Fighter requires some strategic gameplay.

Some button-bashing players may disagree with that last sentiment, and in truth, the fact that even when Street Fighter 6 lands later this year, novices will be able to pick it up and play right away is one of the many charms of the series. However, as you would expect from a game released in 2023, there are sure to be some wonderful advancements. After all, Capcom has a reputation for experimenting with different gameplay styles in the series, from the introduction of EX moves back in Street Fighter III to the V-Gauge system in Street Fighter V.

While details about the game are still few and far between, fans can expect to see a diverse cast of characters from across the series’ history, including fan favorites like Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li. The game is also expected to introduce new characters, so new trademark moves and quotes to yell at each other as to try to masterfully take down your opponent – or bash those buttons!

Final Fantasy XVI

We also need an honorable mention for the 16th edition of the Final Fantasy series which is expected to launch in June 2023 on all major platforms. Like Street Fighter above, this famous and historic title dates back to 1987 and has provided memories for many late-nights and weekends ever since.

Details are scarce about the new game, but big news has been made already with Final Fantasy XVI being exclusive to PlayStation 5. Also, we know that the main character of Final Fantasy XVI is Clive Rosfield, the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. Clive’s younger brother, Joshua, will also be a key character in the game.

There is no shortage of games to look forward to in 2023.