God of War: Ragnarok adds new game plus mode

The time has come for God of War: Ragnarok to entice a second play through via a brand new, New Game Plus mode. One that lets players go back through the epic journey with their unlocked skills, upgraded and settings intact.

That’s not all, though, as New Game Plus also promises new equipment, different looks for one’s armour and an increased level cap, among other things.

  • Change the way you play: New Game Plus introduces new equipment, an increased level cap, and new Enchantments. As soon as you beat the base game, you will be able to dive into a NG+ save to experience the story again with more gameplay options available from the start. Your equipment, weapons and skills will carry over from your previous save.
  • New Equipment: New Game Plus introduces new equipment, including the Armor of the Black Bear and equipment from past games in the franchise, such as the Spartan Armor, the Ares armor, Zeus Armor and a new shield, the Spartan Aspis.
  • Armour Appearances: For those looking to keep things fresh, 13 existing armors have been remixes with new colour combinations and styles that were previously unavailable.
  • New Level Cap: In NG+, you will be able to convert all your Level 9 equipment into new ‘Plus’ versions, that will provide additional levels of progression.

All of the above has been added to God of War: Ragnarok through a free update.