Closer the Distance combines a slice of life with themes of grief and sadness

Skybound Entertainment has been hard at work on a new project with Hamburg’s Osmotic Games. They call it Closer the Distance, and describe it as being a “slice of life” and “narrative-led life simulator” experience that deals with the difficult subject matter that is grief.

We will control a woman named Angela, who unexpectedly finds herself in a sort of purgatory after dying in a tragic accident. Through her eyes, we will set our sights on the village of Yesterby; her former home and a place she’s still connected to.

The folks who Angela interacts with are all individually simulated, with their own hopes and dreams, as well as interwoven relationships within the village itself. She will help guide their grief and channel their pain, in an attempt to help her community heal.

Closer the Distance, which sounds quite interesting, is heading to Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, and should do so later this year.