El Paso, Elsewhere gets a bullet filled gameplay reveal

Earlier today, developer Strange Scaffold (Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator) provided us with a first look at monster and bullet-filled gameplay from El Paso, Elsewhere.

This dark, Max Payne inspired indie game is described as being a “neo-noir shooter about love, addiction and filling monsters with lead.”

Slaughtering their way through the haunting void of the motel, players will come across strange, labyrinthian areas. Highlighted in today’s level playthrough is a lengthy nonstop action sequence set in between… rows of distorted bathroom stalls (you read that right). With sharpshooting dual pistols, a deadly shotgun and badass slo-mo diving, protagonist James Savage makes quick, efficient work of the monsters in his path leaving nothing behind but blood and broken porcelain.

On a painful trip to stop his former love, the vampire lord Draculae, from completing a ritual that would end the world, players guide James Savage through dozens of twisted floors underneath this motel, fighting not only against the monsters in front of them but also Savage’s memories of his old life and relationship. The only thing more haunting than the creatures players will blast away is Savage’s own past.

El Paso, Elsewhere is expected to release on Xbox and PC this fall.