Bossa Games reveals new, co-op survival game, Lost Skies

Bossa Games — the folks behind titles like Surgeon Simulator, Worlds Adrift and I Am Bread — have revealed their next project: Lost Skies.

Described as being “a new, open world, co-op adventure” and a “survival game,” Lost Skies allows players to build customized sky ships and work together to survive intense battles and large scale storms. You can read more about it below, as we’ve borrowed some text from today’s press release.

In Lost Skies, players team up to explore a vast world made up of floating islands. The skies are full of opportunities to build customised sky-ships, brave ferocious storms, battle monsters and solve the mysteries of ancient civilisations, forgotten technologies and the story of the shattered world.

Lost Skies builds on the ideas and gameplay of the previous Bossa game Worlds Adrift, but is an entirely new game based on cooperative survival exploration. Playing solo or with up to five companions, players can once again grapple, glide, climb and sail across a massive open world of hand-crafted islands in the sky.

“We’re excited to show this first view of the of Lost Skies,” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-founder and Gamer-in-Chief of Bossa Games. “You can see from the trailer the kind of high-flying, exciting world we’re building for players to explore, and the co-operation that will help them to survive.”

“Using our open development method, we’ll be sharing with our community through every stage of development. Just as players will work together to explore the shattered world of floating islands, we’ll be working with them, using their feedback to inform our creative process, and including their designs in the game itself.”

Lost Skies is currently in development for PC, but may come to other platforms.