Twin-stick SHMUP, NeverAwake, gets an Xbox related release date

On June 29th, shoot-em-up fans will be able to play a new genre entry. One they call NeverAwake.

A twin-stick shoot-em-up, NeverAwake takes place in a young girl’s nightmares, and will offer more than just one mode. In addition to its campaign, the game will offer a speed run option and several additional weapons, including at least one taken from a genre peer. It’s said that the campaign, alone, is made up of 80 levels.

Here’s what the press release said about it:

Embark on a journey to awaken young Rem from her neverending nightmare, and face her biggest fears as vicious vegetables, demonic dentists and schoolyard bullies torment her subconscious. Mix and match weapons, abilities and accessories to create dreamlike attack patterns while bobbing and weaving through bad dreams in fast-paced twin-stick SHMUP combat across more than 80 levels.

NeverAwake will be released onto Xbox Series X/S on June 29th.