Alan Wake 2 will, in fact, release this October

The rumour was true: Alan Wake 2 is nearing completion and will, in fact, be released this October! That’s great news for us horror fans who can’t wait to get our grubby little hands on it.

Alongside a stunning new trailer, PlayStation and Remedy have released new information about the game. This includes the fact that it’ll be split up into two different stories, with one being Alan’s and another being an FBI agent’s. She and her partner have come to investigate what has happened in Bright Falls, you see, and they’re in for a shock to say the least, because a series of ritualistic murders have occurred. You can choose which story to play first, and which to play second.

The other interesting tidbit we read was about the first game. By that, we mean the fact that you won’t have to have played Alan Wake or Alan Wake Remastered in order to jump in and enjoy Alan Wake 2. We highly recommend that you do so beforehand, though!

Alan Wake 2 will be released on October 17th, and we can’t wait!