Bungie announces new Marathon game

Bungie is returning to its beginning, by announcing it’s hard at work on a new Marathon game. However, this one won’t be a sequel to the previous games — including the 1992 original and the last game, which released in 1996.

In an interview on the PlayStation Blog, Game Director Christopher Barrett revealed that this won’t be a sequel, and will instead be a sort of reboot. One that will not feature a single player campaign, and will be PVP only.

“It’s not a direct sequel to the originals, but something that certainly belongs in the same universe and that feels like a Bungie game,” Barrett said. “Finding those opportunities to nod to the universe’s lore, while also getting to build something different and new has been one of the best parts of developing this game so far.”

We currently know that Marathon is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC.