Scorn is coming to PlayStation 5

H.R. Giger inspired horror/puzzle game, Scorn, has been confirmed for release on Sony’s PlayStation 5, after a stint as a timed Xbox exclusive.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the release date for Scorn on PlayStation 5 and bring our nightmarish experience to a whole new set of players,” said Ljubomir Peklar, game director of Ebb Software. “We’ve taken full advantage of the DualSense’s capabilities to heighten the level of immersion when playing on PlayStation 5. From the haptic feedback of the controller which varies depending on the in-game sound and intensity of the situation to the adaptive triggers which make every tool and weapon feel unique. The introduction of these features take Scorn’s horrors to a whole new level, gripping players in an entirely fresh way.”

Digital pre-orders are now open. The game won’t hit PS5 until October 3rd, though.