Barbie makes her debut on Nintendo Switch

With all the buzz about the Barbie movie, it’s a perfect time for a game based on the iconic doll, don’t you think?

The ‘Summer of Barbie’ will continue into this fall, as Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures gears up for release on Nintendo Switch. It will do so on October 27th,

“Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures invites players into the iconic doll’s inspiring dreamhouse where they’ll form friendships with Barbie and her fun-loving friends and family at her iconic Malibu home. From epic pool parties, extreme makeovers and dazzling home design, the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures experience is what you make it!”

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures promises the following set of features:

  • Fun with Friends – Barbie can do it all, and so can her friends! In addition to Barbie, players will meet and befriend sports fanatic Renee, talented DJ Daisy, science-lover Teresa, fashionista Nikki, and of course, the one-and-only Ken.
  • Family Adventure – Not only will players get to know Barbie and her friends, but Barbie’s whole family, too! Her bubbly sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, and loving parents Mr. and Mrs. Roberts will join in on the adventure.
  • Personalized Dreamhouse – Barbies can customize the grand dreamhouse to their heart’s content with plenty of eye-catching wallpapers and unique décor to choose from.
  • Variety of Fashionable Looks – From sophisticated dresses to cozy pajamas, there is an outfit for every occasion. Players can even pamper themselves with a fresh makeover, stunting awesome accessories and a variety of hairstyles to amaze all the other barbies.
  • Five-Star Meals – The Barbie Dreamhouse hosts a pristine kitchen for cooking gourmet meals and baking sweet treats. Green thumbed fans can even grow their own fruits and vegetables in the garden for extra fresh ingredients.