Up, Up, and Away!

[written while I was on the flight.  this was obviously posted later.]

I look like an idiot sitting here on the plane, taking photos of myself, brimming with joy from the potential Halo 4 announcement (not to mention that we’re supposedly going to be a half hour early landing in LAX). The flight is going well so far; not too turbulent, a bit of a late departure, but in a row of three seats, the middle is unoccupied and making for a great iPhone, chocolate, and AC adapter holder, not to mention the chair that is currently home to my photo bag!  Pretty sweet deal, I say.


I can’t wait to land so I can find out if Lucy (hehe) was serious about the Halo 4 news or if he was just plain joshing me. In any case, here are some shots of the ground in Toronto. This is going to be one of the smaller photo sets considering the next few posts will be all E3, baby!


I figure this is also a good place to tell you what I’m most excited about (in order, of course):


Number ONE: Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 (was there any doubt?)

Then, the rest: 

  1. Motion sensing for XBOX 360
  2. Booth Babes
  3. New Zelda information… Ocarina of Time remake, perhaps?
  4. Booth Babes
  5. Meeting some TV folk (Victor Lucas, Fubar, the G4 team)
  6. PSP Go!
  7. Mirror’s Edge 2
  8. Booth Babes 

Oh, and Booth Babes should be on the list there somewhere, but whatever.