HALO 4 (Update)

So I’m sitting in the airport in Toronto awaiting the LAX flight to board, and I ran into a gentleman named Lucy (obviously not his real name), who spoke of something incredibly interesting. Apparently, there will be an incredible announcement at E3 this year: HALO 4. Is it real? Who knows, but he is an employee at Microsoft (verified by giving me his business card) and hopefully he knows a thing or two about what is going to be revealed in the coming hours.

Another interesting tidbit (not that anything could beat HALO FOUR news) is that the motion sensing peripheral will actually be a motion sensing suit of some kind. Not a wand, but a motion capture device of some sort.

I could be horrible fooled by this news, but in case it’s real, I had it first!

UPDATE: Information has surfaced that the demo for Halo 4 will be on the Halo 3: ODST disc, and there will be at least a decently-long preview at E3 this week, if not a playable demo (which would be odd considering Bungie doesn’t really do playable demos at trade shows). Also, the domain name “halo4.com” is registered to one Scott O’Reilly. ┬áNot Bungie. ┬áBut who knows.