James Cameron's Halo


It looks like the long awaited Halo movie is finally coming out. And it’s called Avatar.

Now, I admit that I haven’t looked up all the mythology behind Avatar and I don’t know the storyline or any specific facets of the narrative. However, they are both science fiction, army-infantry driven narratives about a lone soldier and technology to make him a stronger, more capable fighter. With those congruencies, would it really have been so difficult as to create unique characters?

The similarities between main characters and two sets of vehicles is far too great to ignore. In the Halo universe, a character called Cortana affects gameplay probably even more than the main character, Master Chief. And yet, here she is, being transposed into the Na’vi (a name, by the way, that is somewhat similar to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s little assistant, but I won’t get too carried away here). Just look at the resemblance; perhaps a different pose would’ve helped your case, Mr. Cameron.


Next up are two sets of vehicles: the famous Halo Warthog and the lesser known Hornet, both with counterparts being used as army vehicles in Avatar as well. No explanation needed here; just look at the similarities and judge for yourself.



Perhaps all this is the result of a personal character flaw; Cameron has a habit of holding keeping the innovation to a minimum and just overusing tested material or historical fact without having to create anything original. I’m looking at you, Terminator. And Alien. And Rambo. And Titanic. Check out his IMDb page: 12 out of 20 items are interrelated!

I am most certainly a Halo fan, if you couldn’t already gather. But I am not a fanboy (alright, I probably am). But either way, I see far too many similarities here for this to be anything unique. If I were Bungie, I’d be flattered, but this is just some blatant ripoffs from a hugely successful game and I’m surprised so few have noticed it yet.

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