Jason Bourne is dead.

It seems that my favourite trilogy of all time is going to remain just that: a trilogy. And surprisingly enough, I’m fine with it.

In a recent interview about his upcoming (no doubt Bourne-inspired) film Green Zone, when asked if there would be another Bourne movie, Matt Damon flatly spoke: “No”.

As the raving fan of Bourne that I am, this should have disappointed me. But I love these movies, and while a fourth might be great, I’m not sure I want to take the chance that they might tarnish the reputations of the first three films. The series had such an effect on me that, come the end of the third movie, I felt a part of the experience. I knew his thoughts, how he would act in certain situations, his disconnection from society, his pain. While it might be farfetched to think I actually knew what he was going through, the movies give you such a visceral sense of what is going on that, in the moments of watching the movie, you actually do feel like you know Bourne. Like you are Bourne.

Damon put it perfectly: “I don’t think anybody wants to see me say, “I don’t remember” again.” This is very true: he said it in every movie, and at the end of the third, he finally knew his place. He got away from it all. Sure, they could pick it up again, but why fix something that is not broken.

I will miss Bourne and always want to hope that something new will come along. But with that said, I can watch the other movies and recite them line for line and they will still be thrilling and intense and original to me.