CMW 2010 Schedule

While nothing is ever finalized at Eggplante (I like to fly by the seat of my pants), I’d like to clue you in to some of the amazing coverage I’ve got planned for the shows that are happening in Toronto this week! First off, we’re going to have two guest reviewers and an additional photographer helping out this weekend with various shows, and it would be fifty times harder to get any of this done without them, so I want to thank everyone in advance.

Second, I’m doing something pretty unique by giving out lanyards and badges with Eggplante insignia on them. Hopefully, we’ll catch a bunch of these floating around CMW and get a bunch of photos of big important people wearing them. That’s the plan, anyways. If not, I’ve got a hundred wicked lanyards that I can wear to the mall.

So here’s where the cool stuff starts…. the schedule!

Slash Celebrity Interview @ Royal York
Marianas Trench @ Massey Hall
Audio Blood Showcase @ El Mocambo

Canadian Radio Music Awards @ Royal York
WAX Records @ Tattoo Rock Parlour
Fan Fest @ Masonic Temple

The Indies @ Royal York

Eggplante isn’t exactly big or high-tech enough to liveblog any of this just yet, but that’s the plan for future years. I’d love to be able to do that, but let’s think next year, people! This year, we’re going to hopefully have a whole bunch of interviews with some of the biggest names in pop and rock music. At the Canadian Radio Music Awards, you can expect to see The Midway State, New Cities, Stereos, and Karl Wolf. At Fan Fest, think even bigger names like Hedley, Ke$ha, and Faber Drive! This week is going to be pretty wild!

See you there!