SLASH at Canadian Music Week

When Canadian Music Week rolls into town, you can bet there are some pretty big name artists (as well as hundreds of smaller ones) playing shows around the city, doing interviews, and getting recognized on the streets. But oddly enough, the bigger the fame, the less likely they are to play a show. Enter SLASH. Yeah, that Slash. From Guns N’ Roses. And Velvet Revolver. Mmhmmm.

Born Saul Hudson, he was in town to deliver an interview to the crowd of hundreds of onlookers. He discussed anything and everything in a pretty open and honest interview. His battle with drug addiction, family life with his two children, self-titled book, his relationship with Michael Jackson, and probably most importantly, how his top-hat came to be. He stole it, by the way.

Unfortunately, there was no question and answer period for press as they got cut short on time, but you should be able to find the footage of the sit-down on YouTube in the coming days. There is already footage of his talk about Michael Jackson.

Overall, Slash gave a good chat, he offered some insight into his life and delivered more than I expected. I didn’t exactly think that he’d be a fantastic speaker or all too articulate, but next time, I won’t judge a book by it’s sunglass-covered cover! Check out some pictures from the event below… and remember you can find all the updates for everything from Canadian Music Week 2010 on our Facebook and Twitter pages!