Audio Blood Showcase

There are two ways to look at the smaller shows going on around Canadian Music Week: they’re indie, meaning awesome, or they’re indie, meaning crap and underproduced. The Audio Blood Showcase at the El Mocambo falls into the first category; uniquely indie and freakin’ awesome.

The show started off with Leif Vollebekk and his multi-instrumentalism talents. He rocked the harmonica while playing guitar, singing what I call urban folk, similar to what you might hear from Regina Spektor. The style of the photos below probably reflect exactly the kind of music you’d hear from him: softly spoken, intense lyrics, melodic, romantic, with that perfect amount of “ahhhhh food for the soul”. Take a look below for what I mean and give a listen to his music (link below).

Next up was quite the juxtaposition to Leif. We Are The City was heavy on the drums and emotion, instantly getting the crowd to move with the intensity of the music. The trio each brought their own intensity: the drummer through his vagrant abuse of the drums, keyboardist through his vocal extremities, and the main vocalist with an almost smouldering coolness that oozed chaos.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the rest of the show, but word has it that the intensity of the night continued right through past 2:30 am when Sandman Viper Command took the stage to deliver their Sloan-like sounds. Delicious.

Take a listen for yourself to all the bands featured on the showcase (as well as some others), not to mention a pretty kick-ass “CMW training” video. Have at it over at

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