A few weeks ago, I threw up a Twitter contest in which people who followed Eggplante had the chance to win some awesome prizes. If you’re anything of a pop music fan, you’d probably be pretty thrilled about this bunch. I’m talking Autographed STEREOS, The Midway State, and The Artist Life CDs to one lucky winner! And that winner has been chosen. She doubled her chances by also popping over to Facebook and “Liking” Eggplante there, which may have just edged her out for the win. And without further ado, our winner is…..

Zoe Brock

Congratulations Zoe! We’ll be in touch to get the CDs out to you early next week. Your only task is to make sure you send us some awesome photos of you getting the CDs, posing with them, and, of course, listening to them! We highly caution against licking the signatures. They may be tasty, but they’re highly poisonous… sorry!

In the meantime, we’ll be starting a new contest soon for some of the really cool stuff we get from E3 and I think you’ll really like what we’ve got in store! Until then, everybody!

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Christopher Kalanderopoulos founded Eggplante in 2009 to cover one event in Los Angeles. It never occurred to him that it would make him the Editor of an online magazine for the next decade. He spends most of his time gaming, backing cool Kickstarter projects, and hanging out with his wicked cool nieces and nephews.

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