Pre-E3 2010 – Welcome to Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles.

These past few days have been quite eventful, even given the fact that there hasn’t been a show going on yet. The official show actually started today, but due to horrible hotel WiFi, I am struggling with a 2-hour $3.95 Starbucks connection about a mile away from my hotel. In any case, I do what I need to do to get this information and photos out to you, so here goes: E3 looks great so far!

Sean Chin, our associate editor, and I took to the streets of L.A. to photograph the venues and get in real close to the expo before the show opened. We’ve got some great photos to look at, as well as Kevin Butler who, by the way, is my hero. My hero.

So while we prepare our second post, feast your eyes on these photos of the outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center and stay tuned for our coverage. Remember, following Eggplante on Twitter and Facebook is the easiest way to get updates, so stay tuned over there for the latest! You can also check out the bottom of the Eggplante home page for the latest Twitter updates!

See anything familiar and delicious and entertaining? Mmmm…..