JWoWW in Toronto

If you know who JWoWW is, you’ll love this post. If you don’t know who it is, you either hate Jersey Shore or you’ve never heard of it. Oh, who am I kidding, everyone and their dog has heard of Jersey Shore. Well, one of the Shore household’s loudest and most buzz-worthy residents decided to write a book, and as a part of the promotion of it, she made a couple of stops in Toronto.

She arrived at the Marilyn Denis Show last Monday morning, and ended off the evening with a book signing at Indigo’s Eaton Centre location. She was asked about everything: her cast mates, living together, success of the show, relationships – her boyfriend Roger was a loyal puppy dog, accompanying her at each event – and of course, her new book.

On the show, JWoWW (those capitals are starting to annoy me) gave a fan a one-minute makeover, which included big hoop earrings, a quick wardrobe change (read: taking off as much as possible while still maintaining a morning-show rating), and a douse of a can’s worth of spray tan. Photographic evidence below.

The book, Rules According to JWOWW is hot off the heels of her roommate Snooki’s book, which released just about a month earlier, to rather limited success. Either way, the book is pretty thick for a girl who is probably construed as an airhead (as all Jersey Shore “actors” are), which may just be a publicity stunt in and of itself. Who knows. All I know is that I got some good photos, and her boobs, while fake, are remarkably… well, I’ll leave the sentence there. I have a girlfriend I’d like to keep.