One of my childhood idols was in town this past week to sign copies of her new book, From This Moment On, which also just recently hit the New York Times Bestseller List – pretty incredible for a once small-town girl from Timmins, Ontario!

The stunning songstress came in to nearly a thousand fans, some of whom waited for well over 30 hours before she was scheduled to arrive. The signing went very smoothly – Shania came in on time, a surprise for anyone used to how late these events usually start, gave the press a quick photo opportunity, and got right down to the business of signing books for her fans. And we’ve got photos to prove it! People were in there getting three, four, and five copies of her book signed!

This wasn’t a concert, so there isn’t much to say beyond that, but let it be known that my love for Shania Twain has only grown stronger since this appearance. Love gets me every time.

Some of her biggest fans – these folks waited over 30 hours to see their idol!

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