If you read The Eggplante Top Ten: Best Games of All Time, you’ll know that Jet Set Radio Future is one of my favourite games of all time. Seriously. It was incredible.

Well, it looks like I’ll be getting an early birthday present this year as a remake of the original Jet Set Radio is headed not only to Xbox Live Arcade, but also to PlayStation Network, as well as PC in the summer of 2012.

Sega is also going to be relaunching the beloved franchise with an interesting twist: they’re holding a contest for fans to design graffiti art for the game. They’ll be selecting eighteen pieces to go in the show, so it’s certainly a great chance for any fans of the series to hop in and try their hand at becoming a part of this incredible franchise! If you win, you’ll also get a Jet Set hoodie, martini shaker that looks like a can of spray paint, two copies of the game, and an ETON digital radio. Not too shabby!

Find out more about the contest at http://wwww.sega.com/jsrcontest/.

Take a look at the trailer and sound off in the comments as to what you think! It seems the cel shaded graphics would lend perfectly to an HD upgrade, but by the same token, you won’t notice quite as dramatic a result as you would ever notice with full 3D graphics. Now, all I’m waiting for is a full remake of Jet Set Radio Future. But first things first. Either way, Jet Set is back!

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