Eggplante 3.0

We’ve begun the next phase in Eggplante’s global domination.

You’ve seen Eggplante 2.0, but now, I’m very excited to announce that the next coming of Eggplante is upon us! You’ve seen Eggplante 3.0! So here’s what’s new:

1) A brand new layout. Okay, so this might seem a bit obvious given our rather simpler times, but this is more of a step than you might realize. Having this much content on display at once means that we’ve got to step up our game in reporting to you the biggest news in the gaming, music, and entertainment worlds. And that’s what we’re doing. We’re not only about events, game reviews, and interviews anymore. Expect to see many more posts from us as our target for posts for 2012 is more than double what our all-time post count is! Stay tuned!

Eggplante in 2009 & 2010


2) Content. As I said, content needs to come at you better and faster. We’ve taken care of the faster part, but here is how it’s getting to you better. For one thing, we’ve got a feature called “Quick Read”. In our new Entertainment News section on the left, you’ll see “Quick Read” below the article’s title. Click that and you’ll be able to read the article in a frame over the main page.Another beautiful feature of our content upgrade is making sure to have more photos in our articles, whether they’re short bits of news or full-on reviews that span thousands of words. And this article is just a teaser. Take a look; we’ve got photos for a pretty basic news post!

Music, Gaming, Entertainment, and Technology


3) Tags. This one is a long time coming. Tags haven’t been our strongest suit here at the big purple vegetable. However, going forward, we’re going to be tagging all our posts so that searching is easier on the site, but also from search engines.


4) Header Posts. On either side of our logo, you’ll notice two posts. These will not be the latest posts – they’ll be the latest BIG posts. Think of it as the first thing you should check when you return to Eggplante – it’ll have only the biggest news and information for you, so you know when you look there, you can expect awesome stuff! And this is one of the first posts to be up there!


5) Bigger Feature Panel. The feature panel we had on Eggplante before was pretty big. But it wasn’t this big. So now it is. It’s got nine panels of stories on rotation every ten seconds – it’s huge! And man does it look beautiful with gorgeous high-resolution graphics!


6) More Eggplante! I can’t stress enough that there will be more and more Eggplante as we move forward, and it’ll be great to see how we continue to evolve!