Call Me Maybe

You’ve heard the song. It’s been stuck in your head for weeks now. And you still love it.

Rarely does a song come along that is as catchy yet not mind-numbing after the first ten plays. Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe just so happens to be one of those songs.

Under none other than Justin Bieber’s label in the USA, Carly Rae got her start on Canadian Idol, although she ended up going home in third place by the time the season wrapped up. No matter though, because her song has been number one on all the charts for a little while now, and it’s no wonder, because it’s damn catchy. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s not something anyone should be embarrassed to be caught singing in the car. Because you know you’ve done it.

The song hit fame when Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Justin Bieber (among others) put up a rather well-produced and choreographed video of them lip-synching to the song on YouTube. Since then, over 32 million people have seen the video and the song is still sitting in the iTunes Top Ten most downloaded, behind heavyweights like Justin Bieber himself.

Not only has Call Me Maybe gone on to hit massive sales records and grab the hearts and vocal chords of many a fan, there have been videos of how obsessed people have become over the song, one of which, titled none other than Call Me Maybe Obsessed, is hilarious and a pretty real-life account of what’s actually going on in our lives right now, too. So, sit back and take a look, because the song is incredible and if you haven’t already (legally) downloaded it, you should do so here right now.