We knew that Luigi’s Mansion was going to be making the portable jump with Luigi’s Mansion 2 on Nintendo’s 3DS, but now, we’ve got a hint that Luigi might be lighting up his house on the Wii U as well.

UK retailer Play has listed the game on its website and that is leading to speculation that the game, previously without a release date, will arrive alongside the new console.

This speculation also leads to the idea that Luigi’s Mansion 2 may have some sort of CrossPlay-like functionality in it, as the game could be virtually identical in all aspects except for graphics given the design of the Wii U’s tablet controller and the 3DS screen and controller layout.

We were huge fans of the original Luigi’s Mansion and when we had the chance to preview the 3DS sequel last year, the nostalgia factor was high, and the game didn’t disappoint. We’re more than happy to get a new version of Luigi’s Mansion, but seeing as we might get a different experience on the console as well, we’re certainly not complaining!

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