Tomb Raider reboot delayed to 2013

It is with great sadness that we report that one of the most jaw-dropping titles we witnessed at E3 2011 is being delayed by almost six months.

Crystal Dynamics reports that their massive reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise with a new game of the same name has been delayed to early 2013. The game was given a massive unveiling at Microsoft’s Press Conference last year and gave us some of the most heart-pounding moments in any game we’d seen in a long while.

While the title originally had a release date sometime in Fall 2012, Lara Croft’s new makers have said that they want to deliver the best game of their lives and won’t release Tomb Raider until it’s ready. They have confirmed, however, that the game will be shown off at E3 2012 in just a few short weeks. Here’s hoping we’ll still be able to get our hands on the game or at least a brand new look at Lara Croft’s new adventure.

As we’ve said many times before – with The Last Guardian, for example – we’ve always been on the side of developers who delay their game in the pursuit of making it better. If it takes until 2014 for Tomb Raider knock our socks off, we’ll wait. But we’d rather not have to.