SimCity to build its bridges in February 2013

The previews we’ve seen of the rebirth of SimCity are nothing short of jaw-dropping. In fact, with an entirely Mac-based editorial room, the game makes us think it’ll be worth it to partition our drives and install Windows just to get a taste of Maxis’s latest.

The game has been an official release date, slated for early in the new year. Maxis is saying February, but isn’t giving us an exact date as of yet. Either way, it’ll likely be a Tuesday which only gives us four options, so take your pick and start your city planning.

Some other information about the different versions of the game has also been released since a pre-order portal has been thrown up on the official SimCity website. There are two versions, the Limited Edition which is actually the lower of the two, retailing for sixty dollars and containing the game and the “Heroes and Villains Set”, including new characters, crime waves, and an evil villain, among other things. The Digital Deluxe version will cost you twenty dollars more but also include the British, French, and German City Sets. We’re not exactly sure how valuable these things are, but for twenty dollars and no option for a physical version of the game at that price, we’ll skip the Origin download and pick up a copy of SimCity at Wal-Mart or something.

If you haven’t already seen the new SimCity in action, we’ll have more information about the game at E3 this coming week. Of course, you can always head over to the game’s website at to find out more.