In an unusual display of spontaneity, Nintendo has announced their intention to host a Nintendo Direct conference live via its webpage tonight at 11:30pm EST.

What will be announced remains to be seen, although with all the Wii U details already out over a week ago, we have to assume that this presentation will amount to information about the 3DS and eShop titles. Without any details, we really have nothing to go on, and as much as we’d love for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D to be announced, we really don’t see it happening. There’s just not enough fanfare when a company announces a near-midnight event within three hours of it taking place.

Stay tuned as we’ll report back on the big announcements right here!

Update #1: As far as we can tell from the Japanese video (posted below) the Nintendo Direct conference is only about seven minutes long, and discusses New Super Mario Bros. 2 only. It specifically features new Coin Rush levels that should be available shortly. We’ll continue updating; be sure to stay tuned for the North American broadcast at 11:30.

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