Wind Waker HD inadvertently hinted at by Koji Kondo and Eiji Aonuma?

Did two of Nintendo’s biggest employees just leak a Wii U version of of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker as an HD remake? Probably not, but its interesting to discuss what could be.

What actually gets our minds going is what was said by Symphony of the Goddesses producer Jeron Moore to CITY Newspaper based out of Rochester, New York.

Well, I’m hoping, I think with the Wii U we may see “Wind Waker” in HD.

That would be cool, it’s funny, because for the 25th anniversary I had to review a lot of video stuff in the audience, during the rehearsal I was sitting down with Bill Trinen and Koji Kondo and Eiji Aonuma and we were having to go over the video and at the end of that review I kind of joked with him and said we need to have an HD “Wind Waker.” And he just kind of laughed and was all like: “Hmmm, maybe we do.” And I think, I mean, I definitely don’t think it would be hard for them to do.

The emphasis may have been added by the interviewer, and yes, there’s a lot of hearsay in that paragraph, but with our fanboy hearts aflutter, part of us is certain that a Wind Waker HD remake is in the works for Wii U, while the realist inside of us just won’t believe it.
So what do you think? Is a Wind Waker remake coming with enhanced controls for Wii U? Or is our next adventure going to be a different remake, or an entirely new Zelda title? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter @eggplante!