Halo Mega Bloks Toymation Contest offers up incredible prizes!

We see different contest ideas every day, but this is probably one of the most original in a long while. Mega Bloks is holding what they’re calling the 2012 edition of their Toymation Contest.

Mega Bloks creates Halo-themes versions of their popular building toy. In fact, we’re so nuts about these toys that we’ve got three (yes, three) Mega Bloks UNSC Pelicans floating around the office here. Well, not literally floating as they should be, but you get the idea.

If you’ve got any sort of a creative bone in your body, listen up: Mega Bloks is giving away a veritable ton of prizes to a few fans who can come up with original animated videos using Halo Mega Bloks toys. When we say veritable ton, we mean prizes that include a MacBook Pro, a Canon DSLR camera, the entire collection of Halo Mega Bloks toys, and much more!

Of course, you can have tons of fun with a webcam and make some flashy videos, or do something with stop motion animation, or build your own custom UNSC or Covenant vehicles (so long as you do it with Halo Mega Bloks)!

There are a bunch of video categories you can enter in – and you can enter once in each, so you’ve got five shots at this – and they include comedy, drama, action, classical, and sports!

Our tip? Pick a category others don’t really choose and make something super original for your best chance at winning! A comedic capture the flag session, perhaps? Or three UNSC Pelicans floating around an offic…. wait, that last one sounds a bit familiar!

The submission process is only open until October 25th and anyone from Canada, USA, UK, Mexico, France, and Australia can enter in the hopes of being the next Halo animation superstar! The sooner you get your site in there, the more views you can have! So check out the website by clicking here and take a peek at all the incredible stuff you could win while you’re there!

Good luck, Spartans!