Adele’s Skyfall to be the best James Bond theme yet?

There is no doubt that James Bond films have had some of the most iconic music in movie history. With themes like “Nobody Does It Better” from Carly Simon for The Spy Who Loved Me, and even Madonna’s Die Another Day for the film of the same name, it is no wonder that these movies have managed to sell tens of millions of soundtracks.

This time around, with the release of Skyfall this November, we’ll be treated to Adele’s stunning raspy and operatic voice in the opening credits, as she sings her theme song that shares its name with the film itself. We’ve already heard the song (and you can too, below), and it is our pick for the best Bond theme yet.

Adele manages to do everything she needs to with the song. It evokes plenty of emotion and harkens back to the classic Bond with a simpler style than Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” or “Another Way to Die” by Jack White and Alicia Keys for the last two films. Adele also kept the song very much in line with her own tracks, and without Skyfall (the movie), we could totally hear this being just another track on her album.

The track fits perfectly for what we’re expecting Skyfall to be: an epic, beautiful, anachronism with some sort of present day relevance. Adele fits this to the letter as her voice echoes what we might expect from greats like Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner.

Have a listen for yourself, and be on the lookout for our review when Skyfall hits theatres in North America on November 9th.