Music Spotlight: Tiffany Alvord

A few weeks ago, we took a look at David Choi’s musical talents and the covers he does on YouTube. Another artist also big in the YouTube covers scene (although arguably bigger with over a million subscribers) is Tiffany Alvord. On the video site since 2008, Tiffany has an astounding quarter of a billion views and keeps climbing with almost weekly covers of the most popular songs.

At under 20, she also has her own album out, titled My Heart Is, available on iTunes. The album is entirely original songs, most of which sound like generic pop songs, but that’s easily forgiven when you consider that she’s a total gem of a girl.

Something about Tiffany rings as a true salt of the earth kind of person. She’s got the girl next door image but seems like she knows how to have fun at the same time. Her videos are a mix of professionally produced videos and homegrown self-shot reels. She talks about how she packs all the CDs she sells with her mom and ships them from her house, which makes it even easier to support an act like her.

Tiffany also manages to collaborate with tons of other YouTube celebrities including Chester See, Boyce Avenue, and Megan Nicole.

Perhaps the best part about Tiffany is her charitable work. She regularly performs to raise money and awareness for certain charities, including raising funds for local at-risk children at the 2012 Barristers’ Ball Charity Event for the Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation. Stuff like this is something we can’t help but applaud.

You can Like Tiffany’s Page on Facebook, Follow her on Twitter, but most importantly, be sure to check out her YouTube channel!