Did Bungie hint Destiny in 2009 with Halo 3: ODST?

Yesterday, Twitter user Rhyd1z3L_ sent former Bungie level designer Vic DeLeon, the following image from Halo 3: ODST.

That doesn’t sound too special, until you see that the image is very close to Destiny‘s logo. The poster in the game actually reads “Destiny Awaits”, with the very familiar Earth and Moon, while the logo for Destiny is Earth with the alien protector ship above it that looks curiously like the moon from afar.

DeLeon responded to the original post, exclaiming, “It’s finally been found!”

Whether or not he was being sarcastic is not for us to tell, but two questions have to be raised: how long has Bungie been planning Destiny and was this a fortunate coincidence or an actual easter egg planned a half-decade before it would ever make any sense?

Kudos to Rhyd1z3L_ for the find (but not on that ridiculous Twitter handle), as well as having enough sense to capture the photo and send it to someone close to the project who could actually make a response on it, whether that response is usable or not.

According to the leaked Destiny document, its plot revolves around an alien ship, with a notion to destroy Earth. We have not been blessed with the fortune of seeing any gameplay yet, but are looking forward to seeing something tangible in the near future. Until then, let the speculation continue!

Take a look at the Destiny logo below and sound off in the comments: easter egg or just a happy coincidence?