Plenty of Iron Man 3 details emerge

We know the Robert Downey Jr. is (obviously) reprising his role as Tony Stark in the upcoming Iron Man 3, but we also recently found out that Wang Xuequi has been cast as Dr. Wu, an original character for the series.

We already know that Gwyneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau will be returning as Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan, respectively, while Favreau will step away from the director’s chair for this film, a first in the trilogy. Iron Man 3 will instead be directed by Shane Black, who has written on each Lethal Weapon movie as well as directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

While Marvel president Kevin Feige insists that Iron Man 3 is not a serious movie above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from the franchise so far, the trailers for the film seems to be quite a bit darker than we’ve seen. Tony Stark is seen destroying his suits of armor in some scenes, having his house destroyed, and falling to the bottom of the ocean. There are no relaxing moments nor any quick wit in the trailer; it is clearly a darker movie based on the latest montage of scenes.

While the movie has been filmed and is now in post-production, we’ve only got about four months to wait before we’ll be able to see Stark back in action. There are plenty of details that remain to be seen, such as how long we can expect the series to last and how the writers will close off this trilogy, but we’re patient enough to wait for the movie to launch in April (UK) and May (USA/Canada) of next year.

ScreenRant has an excellent article (albeit old) about what we can expect from the next Iron Man film, aptly titled “What Can We Expect From Iron Man 3?” Their article asks a few questions about The Avengers tie-ins, Mandarin’s appearance in the film, and a short-but-sweet interview with Jon Favreau.

Of course, there are only so many ways that the finale could go, and the only way to find out what teaser scene we’ll see after the credits is to see the movie when it is released next Spring. Until then, feast your eyes on the first official trailer for the film.