SimCity videos abound; see them here!

One of the games we have on our radar for 2013 releases is SimCity. We had an absolute blast playing through nearly every version of the game (on PC, not consoles; eww) when we were younger, and now that we’ve gone through a few dozen business classes in the real world, we’re ready to be able to appreciate all the intricacy that is SimCity all over again.

We’ve already covered the game at length before, but we wanted to make sure that you’re getting as excited about the game as we are. Launching for PC and Mac in March 2013, Maxis is back at the helm to create the most expansive and connected SimCity yet. Gone are the days of creating separate water and electricity networks, and here are the days of multiplayer action and a constantly evolving world within the confines of Maxis’s universe.

The development team has a great new game engine called GlassBox which will power the new game. This thing is a total beauty in the way it functions, and while our description of it would be too technical to make any sense without visuals, we’ve made sure to include one of those videos below. Our favourite part of the game so far is the modular design of buildings. You can add components to buildings to make them more functional, such a helipad on a police station for greater crime fighting range. This also helps reduce the boring redundancy of building dozens of police stations in one city, as well as building a much more realistic-looking metropolis.

We compiled a whole whack of videos from the game’s official YouTube channel so that you can catch up on all the latest developments about SimCity. Enjoy!