Launch copies of Metro: Last Light will be Limited Edition

This morning, THQ confirmed that Metro: Last Light – a game we absolutely fell in love with at E3 2012, by the way – will release in March of next year. The first batch of copies purchased will also be called the “Limited Edition” and have “exclusive content”, though whether you will be able to buy this content at a later date remains to be seen.

In order to get the special launch copy, you’ll likely have to preorder, but if you’re not already hot and bothered by the game, we’re not sure it’s a huge incentive to pick up the title. The so-called “Limited Edition” will include ‘Ranger Mode,’ a game type taken from the first entry in the series, Metro 2033. The special pack also includes the Ranger load-out which contains military-grade bullets and the deadly AKS-74U modified Russian rifle.

One benefit to preordering a digital copy of the game on PlayStation Network is getting a full copy of Homefront at launch. The only problem we really see here is that your free game isn’t delivered to you until Last Light launches, which is kind of a drag. Having two awesome games to play is never a problem, but when one is brand new and the other is two years old, which one would you sink your teeth into first? If Homefront could be downloaded at the time of preorder (locking in your pre-order to avoid returns just to get a copy of Homefront, of course), it would absolutely make the digital-physical tradeoff worthwhile.

For those out of the loop, Metro: Last Light is a follow-up to 2010’s Metro 2033, and puts players in the middle of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. Take a look at our impressions from E3 2012.