Survivor heads to the Caramoan Islands with Fans vs. Favorites (Update)

With the finale of Survivor: Philippines wrapped up, Jeff Probst teased us with the location of the next season of the hit show (the 26th for those keeping track). The location? The Philippines.

Okay, okay, so the location might be the same, but truth be told, most Survivor seasons take place in the South Pacific somewhere because they’re just the most hostile in terms of weather and probably the easiest to film in given their laws. We’d love to see another season in Africa or something unique like Vanuatu again, but we’ll have to wait for next season.

Survivor: Caramoan (that’s an area of the Philippines) is set to be another round of Fans vs. Favorites. The show is going to pit ten returning castaways against ten fans of the show in the new season, set to premiere in February. We don’t have an official cast list yet, but we’d love to see some crazies like Phillip Sheppard return, and a previous fan of the show, John Cochrane, certainly couldn’t hurt. We also wish we’d see the beautiful Christina Cha appear again, but she’s already told us she hasn’t been approached. Then again, people lie sometimes, so her return would be a great surprise.

Of course, we don’t know anything about the new cast, and while we’re sure CBS will do what they can to create clashing personalities, at this point, all we care about is who will be returning. It would be great to get a couple of villains on the show – Russell Hantz is, of course, the first in our minds – but we don’t want to see Abi from Philippines back on the show. She was just too much of Bitchtown, USA.

Fun fact: Survivor India went to the Caramoan islands in their first season which wrapped this year as well!

It’ll be very interesting to see who ends up returning. Until that time, feel free to catch the teaser for the show below!

  • Update: It seems some intrepid watchers of the show’s teaser have realized that the cast members will include Brandon Hantz (that probably rules out Russell), Phillip Sheppard, and Brenda Lowe.