Grand Theft Auto V, now with sharks, dogs, and one-man submarines!

In even more news from Rockstar Games this week, they’ve announced that Grand Theft Auto V will indeed include sharkplay of some kind.

In a new set of screenshots released just in time for the holidays, Rockstar shows off what appears to be F-22 Raptor fighter jets, one-manned submarines, and, well, sharks!

The most interesting of the shots is probably the simplest: the view of a shark from beneath its belly as it looks up at a (likely unsuspecting) scuba diver is pretty terrifying if you ask us. We’ll be sure to only swim in pools from now on. Whether these animals will be interactive in anyway (we don’t suspect we’ll be able to play GTA V as an actual shark) remains to be seen, however.

One of the other shots features a beautiful pair of planes, one of which we think is an F-22 Raptor escorting what appears to be a larger airliner like a jumbo jet. Will GTA V feature some sort of terrorism or airliner escort missions? Hell, even Home Alone devolved into terrorism at its lowest points, so who knows what will happen in GTA V.

Another of the shots features an all too James Cameron-esque one-manned submarine device. We could easily see a mission around finding a dead body underwater, or looting a sunken pirate ship in the game. In fact, if Rockstar is crafting an entire underwater landscape in addition to its land-based missions, we’ll be in for quite a lot of content. Not that a ton of content would be a surprise for a game like this. Remember, Grand Theft Auto ran a full 100 hours long.

The final shot that caught our eye (there were five total, but only four had anything worth mentioning) is one that seems to be a traditionalĀ GTA shot, but has something more if you look closely enough. In the passenger seat of someone’s car is a very angry looking pit bull. Could it be that animals like guard dogs (and perhaps even crazier things like tigers and monkeys) will be usable inĀ Grand Theft Auto somehow? We could absolutely see Rockstar including guard animals as a new weapon of sorts and it would further vary the gameplay in what could have easily become a stale franchise by this seventh (main) iteration.

Grand Theft Auto V will hit stores in early 2013 and we will of course have our review up a few hundred hours after that.