8 Bit Awesome podcast is here!

8 Bit Awesome LogoIn case you hadn’t already figured out, we have a podcast! It’s not an Eggplante podcast, but a joint venture between some fellow gamer nerd friends and me that met at E3 in Los Angeles a few years back.

Willie Clark writes for Rochester City Newspaper and has a love for everything gaming, going so far as naming his cat Midna. If you don’t know why that name is relevant, you are no longer wanted here.

William Penney is website-less but a total gamer nonetheless, and brings a lot to the table, mediating our discussions about Wii mini and Canadiana so that we don’t drone on farther than I need to. Oh, and he loves his games and provides insightful opinion on tons of stuff we discuss.

We cover a ton of stuff on 8 Bit Awesome, including the occasional movie and technology story, but focus mainly on games. We’ve had a banner up on the Eggplante homepage for a while now, so if you haven’t ventured on and clicked it yet, now is a good a time as any!

Every episode begins with what we’ve been playing for the week, after which we hop into a pretty free flowing discussion about anything we want. The podcast lasts for about an hour and is perfect for the car. You’ll have some laughs and if we’re good at what we do, a few cries here and there as well.

After about four weeks, we’ve got six podcasts up and will be returning every week to bring you more, with some special episodes thrown in for special events like E3, big movie releases (we just did one for The Hobbit), and the like. So head over to the 8 Bit Awesome website and check out our FeedBurner page for all your subscription options!