Black Ops II: Revolution DLC details leak

COD: Black Ops II DLC Leak

The next batch of downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops II was revealed by a retailer’s ad this weekend. Known as ‘Revolution’, the map pack will include five maps: Hydro, Grind, Downhill, Die Rise, and Mirage.

Hydro is set on a hydroelectric dam and provides a mostly concrete structure in which to battle with roaring waters in the distance.

Grind is a Tony Hawk-like environment, minus the SKATE letters scattered around the map. It reminds us very much of a scene from Left 4 Dead: very colourful, vibrant scenery abound.

Downhill is exactly what it sounds like: a ski hill. More like the arctic base from Inception, you’ll be best in Downhill if you don white camouflage.

Die Rise is designed for zombie co-op and is a small section of a multi-level skyscraper.

Mirage looks like it is made up of ancient Chinese or Japanese buildings, with a lot of varied terrain and a hot sun blazing down on your back as you unload your SMG.

Speaking of SMGs, the Revolution map pack will also get you something called the Peacekeeper SMG. Quite an ironic name, we think, but at this point we don’t know just what makes this weapon oh so peaceful. It is also unclear whether or not it will be a download or a new item you will be able to earn by playing through the multiplayer experience of Black Ops II.

Since the DLC is not formally announced, we are still in the dark as to how long the Xbox 360’s head start is. The DLC pack will come to PlayStation 3 after the Xbox 360 has had it for a certain period of time, but whether or not it will reach the Wii U is still unseen. We expect Activision and Treyarch to announce Revolution in the coming days and assume they will provide more details at that time as well.

If you’re planning on picking up all the downloadable content for Black Ops II, it’s definitely in your interest to pick up the game’s Season Pass for $50, rather than pay $60 by buying each of the four packs for $15 apiece.