NCAA Football Cover Vote: Notre Dame and Oregon leading

In its first round of voting, EA Sports has announced that Notre Dame and Oregon lead the vote for the cover team of the next NCAA Football title. The first round of voting closes shortly, and other teams such as Alabama, Michigan, and LSU are in the top 32 which marks the cut line for the second round.

Some surprise entrants include Clemson, Army, and Navy, and while Clemson is actually in the top 15 right now, Army and Navy are rounding out the bottom three teams next to BYU.

Still, the race is not nearly as decided as it might seem. South Carolina, USC, and Virginia Tech are only about 500 votes behind, while Boise State is only 300 votes away from moving up. There isn\’t much time left to vote as teams making the cut are going to be announced at the halftime of the BCS National Championship Game this coming Monday, January 7th.

Want to make sure Notre Dame keeps its top spot or want to see an underdog like Oklahoma break through the top half of the top 32? Head over to the EA Sports NCAA Football Facebook page to vote for your favourite team. That\’s the only place you can do it, so what are you still reading for? Go vote now!

NCAA Football Cover Vote